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Governor Cuomo Announces $63 Million to Build Homeless Housing Units and Create More Progressive Communities Across the State

OTDA Commissioner Highlights Budget Proposal that Would Increase Funding and Build 1,030 Housing Units for the Homeless

February 4, 2014 - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today highlighted the additional capital funding in the 2014-15 Executive Budget to make communities across the State more progressive by encouraging the creation of supportive housing for public assistance recipients and low-income households. The Executive Budget Proposal increases funding from the $30 million that was enacted in the 2013-14 Executive Budget to $63 million for the Homeless Housing and Assistance Program (HHAP), which is administered by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA).

The funding is expected to support the creation of approximately 1,030 new units of housing for homeless families and individuals, with a focus on permanent housing for those who are currently living in shelters. New York State, through HHAP, has been at the forefront of recognizing the value of providing supportive housing for homeless families and individuals.

“Providing New York’s homeless population with a stable place to live and the tools to meet basic needs is vital in helping to fundamentally transform their lives for the better,” Governor Cuomo said. “My administration is actively working to expand the State’s capacity to meet the needs of this vulnerable population and support these essential housing projects. More than doubling the amount of HHAP funding is just one way in which we are improving struggling communities and helping to break the cycle of homelessness in New York.”

OTDA Commissioner Kristin M. Proud highlighted the additional HHAP funding today at the Joint Legislative Public Hearing on the 2014-15 Executive Budget Proposal.

“Governor Cuomo has made a strong commitment to addressing homelessness and recognizes that housing coupled with supportive services is instrumental to helping people move toward self-sufficiency,” Commissioner Proud said. “Through HHAP, New York State is helping develop housing that is affordable to New York’s most vulnerable residents, while participating in community revitalization, creating jobs and, most importantly, creating opportunities for individuals and families to stabilize and improve their lives.”

HHAP meets a distinct need in New York by providing funding to develop housing for various special needs populations. Since the program's inception, it has assisted in the development of housing for families, adolescents, persons in recovery, victims of domestic violence, mentally ill individuals, persons living with HIV/AIDS, individuals recently released from incarceration and veterans.

Over the past three years, more than 1,500 units of housing have been completed, and approximately 2,000 additional units are in development, with the support of HHAP funding.

HHAP is also critical to leveraging other public and private resources, which are often allocated collaboratively with other State agencies to create mixed use housing projects that are more sustainable and more integrated.

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