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Delaware County Child Support Program Most Improved in New York State

State Agency Presents Award to County Officials

September 24, 2014 - The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) today announced that the Delaware County Department of Social Services is being recognized for having the most improved child support enforcement unit in New York State for 2013.

Delaware County is being honored as most improved among small counties for its success in establishing paternity, establishing child support orders, and collecting child support payments.

“Child support is a vital source of income for single-parent households and often is the difference between relying on assistance and remaining self-sufficient,” said OTDA Commissioner Kristin M. Proud. “Delaware County is truly a leader in the work it does on behalf of children and families and I commend its entire child support staff for their professionalism and dedication to this mission.”

Child support services are provided by the local child support enforcement units of the 57 counties and New York City. In 2013, more than $1.8 billion was collected on behalf of custodial parents and their children in New York State, including $4.5 million in Delaware County.

In Delaware County last year, paternity was established in 95.6 percent of cases, well above the statewide rate of 85.3 percent, a child support order was established in 89.2 percent of cases, exceeding the statewide rate of 81 percent, and 80.6 percent of current child support owed to custodial parents was paid in a timely manner, compared to the statewide rate of 77.4 percent. Delaware’s performance improved in all three of these metrics over 2012.

In addition to Delaware, New York City was recognized as most improved among large counties and Rockland County as most improved among medium-sized counties. Programs honored as the overall best performers in the state were Monroe County, large counties, Saratoga County, medium-sized counties, and Schoharie County, small counties.

Child support services are available to any parent, guardian, or caretaker of a child for whom child support is needed, regardless of income. After applying, local county child support enforcement units provide assistance in:

  • Locating noncustodial parents;
  • Establishing legal paternity for children born to unmarried parents;
  • Obtaining a court order for financial support and health insurance coverage;
  • Collecting child support payments; and
  • Providing enforcement services when noncustodial parents fail to pay their child support.

For additional information on child support services please visit the OTDA child support website at

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