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Noncustodial Parent New York State Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

This EITC is just one of a number of New York State initiatives to address the needs of young, low-income working noncustodial parents in an attempt to help them become more involved in the economic and social well-being of their children.

The combined federal, New York State and /or New York City EITC - which can be as much as $4,535 for a single parent with one child; $7,490 for two children; and $8,427 for three or more - has proved to be one of the nation's most effective tools at increasing labor force participation of low skilled workers, as well as an efficient means of supplementing the low wages paid to such workers.

The Noncustodial Parent New York State EITC will reward those noncustodial parents already working to augment their wages. It will provide a substantial work incentive for those not working or working only intermittently. Most important, it will encourage greater involvement by noncustodial parents who may have avoided contact with their children due to their limited resources.

To be qualified you must:

Value is equal to the greater of 2.5 times the federal EITC as if you had no qualifying children or 20% of the federal EITC allowed for custodial parents with one child on a sliding scale to those with incomes up to approximately $39,130.

For more information on child support, please visit New York Child Support Online.

Estimated EITC 2015 based on Earnings
Earnings Estimated EITC 2015*

*Figures shown are for the Noncustodial Parent New York State EITC for taxpayers not married filing jointly.

NYS Tax Form IT-209

The form and instructions are available on the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website.