Mohawk Valley Employer Resource Network (MVERN) RFP

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Mohawk Valley Employer Resource Network (MVERN) RFP

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One of the major challenges employers and low-wage/low-skilled employees face is job retention. For employers, high turnover in staff can cost thousands of dollars for re-hiring and re-training activities and frequent turnover can also be detrimental to the employee morale. For low-wage workers, maintaining employment can be difficult in addition to navigating other life challenges that arise such as limited funds to address emergencies, lack of education and absence of a strong support network. Often times, getting a job is not the problem; it is keeping the job over a sustained period of time and managing the work-life balance. Public Assistance recipients are especially vulnerable when transitioning to and keeping employment. To address job retention, OTDA is providing seed money through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the establishment of an Employer Resource Network (ERN) project in the Mohawk Valley Region. ERNs are public/private partnerships with the main goal of uniting businesses and community partners to improve job retention and advancement for low-wage/low-skilled workers. ERNs are made up of a consortium of typically small to mid-size businesses that share resources to benefit all member businesses. ERNs also include strong partnerships with other service delivery systems and organizations such as social service agencies to support employees and businesses. The key service for job retention offered by ERNs is short-term case management for employees of the ERN provided through retention specialists/“Success Coaches” to confidentially resolve work, personal and family challenges that interfere with employment.


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