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Client Notices Processing Services

Important Notice: IFB Cancellation
Issue Date:
10/11/17, updated 12/01/17

The OTDA is seeking a contractor who will be able to satisfy contract deliverables by providing a primary production facility under one roof with the capability of receipt of electronic print files, electronic formatting of documents and/or digital printing, folding, inserting, collating and sorting, metering, presorting and delivering notices to the United States Postal Service (USPS) without any negative impact to the quality, integrity and timeliness of OTDA Dynamic Client Notices. The Contractor must employ equipment (OTDA will provide metering machines, meters and postage) and software sufficient to ensure Dynamic Client Notice functions are performed efficiently and effectively while adhering to the deliverables and performance standards noted herein. Offerors must be able to provide all of the services included in this IFB and APPENDIX W (Scope of Work) throughout the Contract Term. Only one (1) contract will be awarded to a single Offeror for the provisions of all items described in this IFB.


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