HIV Employment Initiative (HEI) RFP

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HIV Employment Initiative (HEI) RFP

Issue Date:
1/22/18, updated 2/14/18

To secure the services of eligible organizations that can assist OTDA and the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health in addressing the employment and training needs of persons living with HIV. Organizations will offer intensive job placement services to help individuals living with HIV enter or reenter the workforce, and provide necessary case management services to ensure the continued health and support needs of participants are not compromised once working. The jobs that program participants gain through this initiative must offer health benefits, and selected contractors must ensure that other health coverage is in place until employer-offered health benefits take effect. A job development component that identifies how job opportunities will be established to provide permanent job placement for individuals served must also be included. Program providers are encouraged to help participants attain vocational/technical skills trainings, such as Peer Worker Certification, as well as High School Equivalency diplomas and/or higher education degrees with direct links to employment opportunities.


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