MWBE Utilization Plans and Waivers

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MWBE Utilization Plans

OTDA’s Active MWBE Utilization Plans.

Commercial Contracts
Contract Number Contract Title
C021877 Automated Finger Imagining System (AFIS)
C021547 Common Benefit Identification Card (CBIC)
C021558 Critical Pinfeed Carbonless and Drysnap Forms Printing
C021576 Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
C021690 SSP Notifications
C021906 Alternate Format Forms Printing
C021908 Banking Services in Support of Child Support Collections and Enforcement
C021913 Child Support Collections and Enforcement
C021924 Consultative Exams - All Counties
C021926 Client Notice Envelope Supplier
C021922 Language Services
C021771 Consultative Exams - Bronx
C021773 Consultative Exams - Nassau
C021772 Consultative Exams - Queens
C021774 Consultative Exams - Suffolk
C021965 Consultative Exams - Utica
C021964 Consultative Exams - Rochester
C021963 Consultative Exams - Buffalo
C021695 Consultative Exams - Manhattan
C021696 Consultative Exams - Westchester
C021905 Consultative Exams - Brooklyn

MWBE Waivers

OTDA’s Active MWBE Waivers.

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