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OTDA Announces Funding to Help Low-Skilled Workers Remain Employed

$80,000 to Develop an Employer Resource Network to Improve Job Retention

August 26, 2015 – The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) announced on August 20th that $80,000 will be awarded to help launch an effort to unite Mohawk Valley businesses and community partners in improving job retention and advancement for low-wage workers lacking in skills. The effort to create an Employer Resource Network project was announced as part of Governor Cuomo’s “Capital for a Day” in Utica on Thursday.

Employer Resource Networks are public/private partnerships that consist of small– to mid–size businesses working with social service agencies to support employees and employers. A key service offered by these networks is “Success Coaches,” who help the workers resolve personal and family challenges that may otherwise interfere with their job.

“Retaining employment can be difficult for workers trying to navigate other challenges they face due to limited income, lack of education and the absence of a strong support network,” said OTDA Commissioner Samuel D. Roberts. “With the Success Coaches, Employer Resource Networks provide a trusted individual that workers can turn to for confidential assistance and the help they need to overcome these challenges. By ensuring workers have this help available, employers will experience less turnover and see improved productivity.”

Through these partnerships, businesses share resources to benefit all members of the consortium. By pooling resources, they can better accomplish together, what they would not be able to on their own.

The $80,000 will be awarded through a competitive process to support job retention for participants in the Mohawk Valley.

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