Division of Operations and Program Support (OPS)

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Eric Schwenzfeier, Deputy Commissioner

The primary responsibility of OPS is to provide administrative support to the program areas within OTDA. These administrative functions include human resources, training, contract management, purchasing, office services, facility management, and space planning.

Division of Operations and Program Support is comprised of the following Bureaus:

Bureau of Contract Management (BCM)

BCM is responsible for directing and coordinating the procurement and purchasing process including contract development and negotiations. BCM processes and manages the payment and tracking of contracts.

Bureau of Human Resources (BHR)

BHR is responsible for all classification, staffing, recruitment, examinations, on boarding, and labor relations activities in support of OTDA. They develop and establish human resource policies and procedures.

Bureau of Human Resources website

Bureau of Management Services (BMS)

BMS is responsible for facilities management and administrative services functions including space planning, facility/lease management, moves and renovations, security/safety, telecommunications, warehouse, mail distribution, fleet management, and disaster preparedness.

Bureau of Training and Management Analysis (TAMA)

TAMA serves as the OTDA training office managing educational projects with public colleges and universities to meet agency and local social service district training needs. TAMA assesses training needs, oversees the development and delivery of policy-specific training, management and supervisory skills training, and provides logistical support for agency-sponsored training across the State. TAMA also facilitates many conferences, regional meetings, and teleconferences each year; and manages TrainingSpace.org, a repository of interactive web-based training modules. The Bureau is also responsible for administration of the Statewide Learning Management System (SLMS), and coordinating the GOER State Workforce Mandated Training programs within the agency.