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Kenneth Wells–Crannell, Deputy Commissioner

Intergovernmental Affairs (IA)

The IA unit serves as OTDA’s liaison on legislative matters with the State Legislature, the Governor’s Office, other State agencies, Congress, Federal agencies, local governments, and a myriad of advocacy and provider organizations. IA is responsible for advocating on behalf of the agency’s priorities at all levels of government. As part of these efforts, IA works with other departments within OTDA to develop legislation and coordinates strategy to advance the agency’s mission of helping low-income New Yorkers.

Public Information Office (PIO)

PIO coordinates public information activities with the Governor’s Communications Office; prepares and/or reviews and disseminates all official OTDA statements and publications; initiates media coverage and has sole responsibility for responding to media inquiries; and responds to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Law and the Personal Privacy Protection Law.

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