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Qualified Personal Service Contracts

NYS Executive Order #6 requires that the OTDA make available for review all Agency contracts which meet the requirements established by the Governor’s policy and in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Law. The OTDA will send a copy of any formally requested contract document and a reasonable reproduction cost may be charged to the requesting party.

QPSC Contracts

  1. CMS0488 Computer Aid Amendment
  2. C021115 KPMG, LLP
  3. C021042 Deloitte Consulting
  4. CMS235C KPMG, LLP
  5. CMS048B Computer Aid, Inc.
  6. C020877 Cogent, Inc.
  7. CMS156B PA Consulting, Inc.
  8. C009512 Keene, Inc.
  9. C020070 Deloitte Consulting, Inc.
  10. C009289 Sagem Morpho, Inc.

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