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Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

OTDA Home Programs & Services Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)


The Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) helps low income households pay the cost of water and sewer services. The program can assist households who have past due bills (arrears) for water and/or sewer services.


LIHWAP is a benefit based on the actual amount of water and/or sewer arrears, up to a maximum of $2,500 per water or sewer provider, or $5,000 if water and sewer services are combined, per applicant household. Benefits are paid directly to the household's water and/or sewer vendor(s).


The application acceptance period for LIHWAP is closed.

Eligibility and benefits are based on:

  • Income
  • Household size
  • Amount owed to water and/or sewer provider(s)

Your household may be eligible for a benefit if:

  • You or a member of your household are a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or qualified alien, and
  • Your household's gross monthly income is at or below the current income guidelines for your household size as posted in the table below, or
  • You receive Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits, or
  • You receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, or
  • You receive Temporary Assistance (TA), or
  • You receive Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone), and
  • You pay a vendor directly for your water and/or sewer usage, and benefits can be paid to these vendors to reduce arrearages of, and rates charged to such households for such services per the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, Public Law No: 116-260, and
  • Your water, sewer, or combined water and sewer account is twenty (20) days past the due date, you have a water lien that is levied on your local property taxes, or your water, sewer, or combined water and sewer service is terminated or otherwise facing disconnection due to unpaid arrears

2022-2023 LIHWAP Monthly Income Limits

Your total household gross monthly income for your household size must be at or below the following guidelines:

2022-2023 LIHWAP Benefit Gross Monthly Income Guidelines
Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income
1 $2,852
2 $3,730
3 $4,608
4 $5,485
5 $6,363
6 $7,241
7 $7,405
8 $7,570
9 $7,734
10 $7,899
11 $8,064
12 $8,228
13 $8,778
Each additional Add $590


For more information about LIHWAP please call the NYS LIHWAP Call Center at 1-833-690-0208 or call the toll-free OTDA Hotline at 1-800-342-3009.

Email: NYSLIHWAP@otda.ny.gov

In writing:
PO Box 1789
Albany, NY 12201

Fax: 518-486-1259

If you are in an Emergency

An emergency is an urgent need or situation that has to be taken care of right away.

An example of an emergency is:

  • Your water and/or sewer is shut-off or is about to be shut-off, or you have a 72-hour disconnect notice
  • You are encouraged not to wait until your water is shut off

If you are experiencing a water and/or sewer emergency, you may be eligible for Temporary Assistance. You may apply online at myBenefits.ny.gov or fill out the application form and file it at your Local Department of Social Services.

You may also contact your Local Department of Social Services online, or by calling the toll-free OTDA Hotline at 1-800-342-3009.

You are encouraged to contact and make arrangements with your water and/or sewer provider to discuss payment options. Some options may be a repayment or deferred payment agreement. There may also be local water and/or sewer assistance funds available.

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