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Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement

A proposed settlement has been reached in Colaj v. Roberts, a class action lawsuit challenging the denial of Safety Net Assistance to Asylum Applicants with Employment Authorization. This settlement was preliminarily approved by the Court on December 2, 2020. The Court has scheduled a Fairness Hearing for March 24, 2021. For more information, view the Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement About Asylum Applicants with Employment Authorization Who Were Denied Safety Net Assistance (SNA) and Notificación de Acuerdo Propuesto en la Demanda Colectiva Presentada por Solicitantes de Asilo con Autorización de Empleo a Quienes se les Negó la Asistencia Red de Seguridad (SNA-por sus siglas en inglés).


Policy Directives

Provide local social services districts and other interested parties informed about current OTDA program policy and procedures impacting OTDA programs.


Rule Review

OTDA’s list of rules that were reviewed last year and rules that will be reviewed this year begin on page 79 of 100 of the attached New York State Register.

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