EDGE 12 2007-2008

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EDGE 12 2007-2008

Appropriation Level: $2,514,355

The Education for Gainful Employment (EDGE) Program is designed to support the educational, training, employment and post-employment needs of TANF eligible individuals, and to assist local districts in meeting work participation requirement goals. The EDGE Program provides classroom instruction in Adult Basic and Secondary Education, GED preparation, English as a Second Language and job skills training to assist TANF eligible (FA and 200%) participants enhance their employability and opportunities for job entry, retention and advancement. The importance of these services in New York’s welfare-to-work efforts is clear. As adult learners increase their education and literacy skills, they improve their ability to support themselves and their families. OTDA administers the EDGE program in partnership with the State Education Department (SED). Funds are made available through a Request for Proposals or Applications (RFP or RFA). The review and selection process is conducted jointly by SED and DOL. EDGE eligible agencies include school districts, BOCES, and various community based organizations. EDGE contractors earn reimbursement after participants complete classroom instructional hours, make educational gains based on pre and post testing, obtain a credential, begin working and retain employment.

Performance Management and Accountability Matrix

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