Local Interagency VESID Employment Services (LIVES II) 2007-2008

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Local Interagency VESID Employment Services (LIVES II) 2007-2008

Appropriation Level: $1,500,000

The purpose of the LIVES II program is to address the employment related needs of individuals with physical and/or mental health issues. While the actual delivery of services may vary among sites, features of all LIVES II programs will include:

  • Functional Vocational Assessment – To document barriers to employment, including impediments to employment due to disability and to identify individual strengths and functional limitations that serve as the basis for the exploration of a wide range of service options and planning decisions, leading to the development of a sound employment plan.
  • Connection with VESID Services – During the assessment phase and throughout their program involvement in LIVES II, participants who show interest in vocational and educational services available through VESID will be referred. In such cases the agency will work with the client to obtain all pertinent documentation for the VESID application and completion of the Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).
  • Facilitate Employment and Advancement Services Program – To engage LIVES II participants in activities that meet the State's approved work activity definitions and are countable toward the federal participation rate.
  • Coordination – To assemble a comprehensive referral network to connect individuals with the needed support services, particularly for mental health treatment and learning disability support services. This network will be comprised of a cross section of agencies with access to various funding streams (e.g., Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, TANF, Workforce Investment Act).
  • Service Navigation – To guide participants through the programs, services and activities, and to be a catalyst to expedite participation in the critical services that support participants in carrying out their employment plan and/or their IPE with VESID.
  • Assist Participants with Eligibility Process for VESID Services – Refer appropriate individuals to VESID for services and support the development of an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) by gathering and sharing information that will facilitate a positive eligibility determination. Supportive documentation includes a thorough assessment, copies of diagnostic medical, psychological and/or educational assessment reports and existing medical documentation that identifies an individual's work limitations.
  • Work with participants to prepare them for participation and assist with enrollment into jobs skills training programs for in demand occupations in the local market, and/or provide the supports necessary to obtain a High School Degree or General Equivalency Diploma (GED). For individuals with a VESID IPE, support participants in engaging in the action steps, in close coordination with the VESID counselor that will lead to achievement of an employment goal.
  • Ongoing Data Exchange – To provide information about the participants that will meet TANF and VESID reporting requirements among partners. This will include identifying information about participants, as well as information about attendance, outcomes, wages and employment.

A combination of performance based and cost based reimbursement is being used to support the selected projects. At least 50% of the award is earned as participants meet 3 specific outcomes:

  1. Monthly participation in a countable TANF activity.
  2. Completion of an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) / Job Skills Training, High School Equivalency Diploma/GED.
  3. Retention of gainful employment for 30 & 90 days.

A portion of these funds were also used to fund the Mental Health Evaluation contract.

Program Funding Detail
Program Funding State Fiscal Year Cycle
LIVES II Program $1,410,166 SFY 2007-08 5/1/10-4/30/12
Mental Health Evaluation $89,834 SFY 2007-08 6/1/10-5/31/12
Total $1,500,000    

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