Career Pathways 2010-2011

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Career Pathways 2010-2011

Appropriation Level: $5,000,000 (TANF funds)

Career Pathways represents a collaborative effort on the part of OTDA and the NYS Department of Labor to support job training and education designed to improve the economic prospects of low-income workers throughout the state. Career Pathways is a workforce development strategy that links basic education to occupational training, and when combined with integrated support services, enables participants to advance over time to higher level training and education and to living wage jobs in specific industry sectors. Individuals targeted for this initiative include public assistance recipients, young adults between the ages of 18-24, low-wage workers and households with incomes at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Participants are provided with a clear and reliable course of action for building skills to progress in their careers. Programs are organized as a series of steps that lead participants towards employment with industry recognized credentials, certificates and/or licenses. The employment sectors selected for pathways development are locally identified, and include those that need skilled workers and have promotional opportunities. Selected contractors earn at least 60% of their award as participants achieve credentials and enter and retain employment. The remainder of each award will be reimbursed to the contractors for approved expenditures made for costs associated with the delivery of program services.

Program Funding Detail
Program Funding State Fiscal Year Cycle
Career Pathways $5,000,000 SFY 2010-11 2/1/11-1/31/12
Total $5,000,000    

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