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How to Appeal Your LRAP Determination

What is an LRAP determination?

An LRAP determination is our decision on the application for LRAP assistance filed by a landlord/owner. If you disagree with any part of the decision, you can file an Appeal. If we made a mistake, we will correct it.

Note: An LRAP determination is an approval or denial of the LRAP application.

Who can Appeal?

Only Landlords/Owners can appeal.

What if I think only part of the decision is wrong? Can I still Appeal?

Yes. If you disagree with all or part of your determination you may appeal.

How do I ask for an Appeal?

You can ask for an appeal by phone or online.

By phone:
To ask for an appeal by phone, please call 844-NY1RENT (844-691-7368). For individuals who are hearing impaired, you may call the TTY number at 1-833-843-8829.

To appeal online, please complete the Rental Assistance Program Appeal Form. For instructions on how to fill out the appeal form read the LRAP Appeal Form Instructions.

What is my deadline for filing an Appeal?

You have thirty (30) days from the date on your LRAP determination notification to request an appeal.

What if I missed the 30-day deadline to Appeal?

If you think you missed the deadline to Appeal, you should request an Appeal and explain the reason why you missed the deadline.

When do I explain why I think the decision is wrong and why I am filing the Appeal?

If you file your Appeal by phone, you can tell the agent why you need an appeal. You will also be able to upload documents to support your appeal, and you may include a written explanation with your documents. If you file an Appeal Online, then you can explain why you are asking for an Appeal in the Appeal form. You will also have the option of including a written explanation if you upload documents.

Will I get confirmation that I filed an Appeal?

Yes. If you request an Appeal by phone, the phone agent will give you a service request number. If you request an Appeal online, you will get a pop-up message that says: “Thanks! Your rental assistance program appeal request form was submitted. Please take a screen shot of this page or print it and keep it for your records.”

What happens after I request an Appeal?

After you file the Appeal, you will get a written Confirmation Notice from us sent by either email or regular mail depending upon how you chose to receive communications from us. This notice confirms that we received your Appeal and explains that you have ten (10) days from the date you got the Confirmation Notice to give us any additional documents or information to explain why you think our decision was wrong.

How do I submit documents to support my Appeal?

You can submit your documents online by following these instructions to upload your documents:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Then, log in to your account.
  3. After logging in, navigate to the Landlord/Owner section, and under the Landlord/Owner Menu on the right-hand side of the page, click on “Upload Documents.”
  4. Next, select your Owner Number/Legal Entity. Then select the ERAP Application Number from the list of applications attached to your previously selected Owner Number/Legal Entity.
  5. Then, select the appropriate document type from the third dropdown menu. Then upload the appropriate document by clicking the “Select File” button below the Document Type dropdown menu. Select the appropriate document from the pop-up window and click “Open”. The file's title will appear below the “Select File' button.
  6. Lastly, complete a Captcha Validation by clicking the box next to “I am not a robot” and clicking the purple “Upload Documents” button to finalize the document upload.

Please submit required documents one at a time.

I am having trouble uploading documents to support my Appeal. How can I get help?

You may reach us through any of the following methods:

Do I have to submit documents to support my Appeal?

No. You do not have to submit any new documents to support your Appeal. If you do not upload any additional documents telling us why you think our decision was wrong within ten (10) days of receiving your Confirmation Notification, we will review what we already have. A review team will take another look at your application and the documents that you submitted with your application.

How will we decide your Appeal?

Your appeal is assigned to an independent Appeals Specialist who will review your initial application, the documents submitted in support of your application, any information you provide explaining why you disagree with the determination, and any additional documentation you submit in support of your appeal. The Appeals Specialist makes a recommendation as to whether your appeal should be granted or not. Then a second level reviewer looks at all of this and makes a final determination. Once we have made a final determination on your Appeal, you will get a notice stating whether the original decision was correct, or was wrong and will be corrected, sent by either email or regular mail depending upon how you chose to receive communications from us.

What if I have questions about the Appeals process?

If you have any questions, our Customer Care team is available Monday-Saturday from 8am-7pm EST. You may reach us through any of the following methods:

  • Contact us by phone: 844-NY1RENT (844-691-7368)
  • For the hearing impaired, TTY phone number: 1-833-843-8829.
  • Contact us by Webchat: Chat with a representative.

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