Health Care Jobs 2009-2010

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Health Care Jobs 2009-2010

Appropriation Level: $7,000,000

($5 million in federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and $2 million in State General funds)

The Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) released 09-LCM-10 on July 9, 2009 to inform districts of the availability of a total of $7 million to establish a Health Care Jobs Program.

Funds have been allocated to districts with over 1,500 active adults in receipt of public assistance in households with dependent children. Districts eligible to receive Health Care Jobs allocations are: Erie, Monroe, Nassau, Onondaga, Suffolk, Westchester and New York City.

The State Budget appropriation language encourages the creation of subsidized positions in community health outreach positions which are intended to help increase access to public health insurance benefits and appropriate health services. Districts may also use funds to subsidize positions in other occupations within the health care sector such as, but not limited to; direct care positions such as health care aide and nurse, clerical and administrative positions, medical billing and records, maintenance positions in hospitals and nursing homes and dietary aide and nutrition positions.

Districts may subsidize jobs in the health care sector consistent with sections 336-e and 336-f of the Social Services Law, for up to one year with funds made available through the OTDA Health Care Jobs program. Districts will determine the length of the subsidy period, the hours of subsidized employment, whether to provide full or partial subsidy and the subsidy value. In all instances, program participants must be paid at least minimum wage.

Districts must ensure that these funds are used for increased costs associated with operating a new or expanded subsidized employment program. These funds may not be used to replace existing funding which support subsidized employment programs operated by or currently funded by local districts. Additionally, these funds may not be used to provide training to participants.

Program participants may include both TANF eligible individuals and Safety Net Assistance recipients in households without children.

TANF eligible individuals must be:

  • in receipt of TANF/Family Assistance or Safety Net MOE Assistance;
  • in two-parent cases with children receiving Safety Net Assistance; or
  • not in receipt of public assistance but are determined TANF eligible based on TANF 200% of Poverty guidelines included in 00-LCM-20.

Services provided to Safety Net Non-MOE recipients are to be supported by State General Funds.

Districts are expected to submit plans to OTDA no later than August 14, 2009 to be eligible for funding. Approved projects are expected to begin on or after August 15, 2009 and operate through September 30, 2010. Final claims must be received by October 29, 2010.

Program Funding Detail
Program Funding State Fiscal Year Cycle
Health Care Jobs Program (TANF Funds) $3,211,967 SFY 2009-10 08/15/09-09/30/10
Health Care Jobs Program (State Funds) $2,000,000 SFY 2009-10 08/15/09-09/30/10
Health Care Jobs Program 2 (TANF Funds) $1,788,033 SFY 2009-10 10/01/11-6/30/13
Total $7,000,000    

Health Care Jobs - Allocation Listing

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