Transitional Jobs Program 2009-2010

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Transitional Jobs Program 2009-2010

Appropriation Level: $25,000,000

The OTDA Transitional Jobs program will provide subsidized job opportunities and education and training opportunities to low or no income TANF-eligible individuals, with priority given to TANF-eligible public assistance recipients. Allocations were made available to social services district via 09-LCM-11.

Districts establishing a Transitional Jobs program are expected to provide a subsidized employment placement for up to twelve months at an hourly rate of at least $8.00 per hour for up to 28 hours per week of paid employment and at least 7 hours per week of paid education and training activities to help prepare individuals for local employment opportunities. The combination of the subsidized employment with the education/training will permit participants to develop workplace skills while also enhancing education attainment and/or job skills to support permanent job placement at or before the end of the transitional job. Districts will provide supportive services, as needed to support job retention both during and following the subsidy period and to support advancement in the education/training component of the program. Districts are also expected to ensure that program participants are provided information on the availability of earned incomes tax credits and other credits that participants may access once working and facilitate access to transitional benefits including health insurance and transitional child care and supplemental nutrition assistance benefits.

Subsidized employment positions established under the Transitional Jobs program may not replace existing funding and must be consistent with Sections 336-e and 336-f of the Social Services Law.

Districts were required to submit plans to OTDA by August 14, 2009 to be eligible for funding. Approved projects began on or after August 15, 2009 and operate through December 31, 2010. Final claims must be received by February 15, 2011.

Program Funding Detail
Program Funding State Fiscal Year Cycle
Transitional Jobs Program $20,183,225 SFY 2009-10 08/15/09-12/31/10
Transitional Jobs 2 $4,816,775 SFY 2009-10 10/01/10-06/30/13
Total $25,000,000    

Transitional Jobs Program - Allocation Listing

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