Shelter Oversight and Compliance

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The Division of Shelter Oversight and Compliance (DSOC) is responsible for the certification and inspection of publicly funded homeless shelters for families and single adults throughout New York State.

There are approximately 900 shelters across the State that provide an array of services including assessment and case management, access to healthcare and childcare services, and assistance with finding permanent housing. These shelters may be operated by local social service districts directly or the local social service district may contract with a provider to operate the shelter.

In addition to certifying and inspection homeless shelters, DSOC is also responsible for the development and administration of agency policies in accordance with State regulations that establish the programmatic and physical plant standards for the shelters.

Shelters serving fewer than 10 families or fewer than 20 single adults are not currently certified by OTDA; however, all publicly- funded shelters in New York State, certified or not, are subject to oversight by OTDA.

For more information about the provision of shelter programs and services, please email or call (518) 486-4040.

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