Scam Alert: EBT Card Skimming

There are reports of EBT benefit theft in which thieves use “card skimming” to steal benefits. OTDA recommends SNAP participants take actions that may help prevent card skimming. For example:

To get a new EBT card and change your PIN, call the EBT helpline: 888-328-6399 or visit

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card

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What is an EBT card?

Once you qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or cash benefits (Temporary Assistance) you receive an EBT card, also known as a Common Benefit Identification Card (CBIC). The EBT card looks like a debit card. The EBT card allows you to buy groceries and other items with your cash benefits at participating stores and other locations.

Get the ConnectEBT Mobile App

The ConnectEBT app is the fast and easy way to monitor your EBT Card’s available balance, deposits, and transaction activity. is always available 24-hours a day. The ConnectEBT App is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It’s the easy and free way to manage your EBT Card

  • Check your available balance anytime, anywhere
  • Review up to 12 months of transaction history
  • Confirm your last deposit
  • Change your PIN

First Time Mobile App and Website Users

You must register your EBT Card account and select your User ID and password by using either the ConnectEBT mobile app or at for access. Registering on either one also registers you on the other. Have your EBT Card handy when registering.

If you already have your User ID and password, you’re ready to use the same ID and password for the ConnectEBT Mobile App.

How do I use and access my cash and SNAP benefits?

New York recipients may access their cash and SNAP benefits at participating EBT locations anywhere within New York State. Cash benefits may also be accessed at participating ATM and authorized retail store locations.

Your EBT card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are used at authorized retail stores with your cash or SNAP benefits. Many retail stores also provide cash back with your purchase. Check with the store for their cash back policy.

  • Swipe the card.
  • Enter your PIN in the machine at the checkout line.
  • Only you should enter your PIN.
  • Always check and keep your receipts for your EBT purchases.

For more information:

You can use your EBT card at:

Cash Purchases

  • Any item may be purchased using your cash benefit account where EBT cards are accepted.
  • Please be advised that certain types of businesses are not allowed to let you use your EBT cash benefit to purchase items or to withdraw cash on their premises. This restriction applies whether the business is located in New York, in another state, or on Tribal lands.
    • Businesses are not allowed to let you use your EBT card, nor should you use your card, at:
      • Liquor stores
      • Wine stores
      • Beer/beverage centers
      • Race tracks
      • Casinos
      • Video lottery facilities
      • Off-track betting facilities
      • Commercial bingo facilities; and
      • Places that provide adult oriented entertainment in which performers take off their clothes or perform without clothes

Toll-Free Customer Service Helpline

The toll-free number 1-888-328-6399 - is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Korean, Russian, and Spanish to recipients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You may use the helpline to:

  • Check your SNAP or cash account balance information.
  • Hear your last ten transactions.
  • Request a printed 2-month statement of your account history.
  • File a claim if you suspect that a transaction error occurred.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Report damaged, lost, or stolen cards, and request a replacement card be mailed to you.

EBT Account Website

EBT cardholders can obtain information in English and Spanish about their accounts by going to

  • Login using your most recent active card number and PIN.
  • Create an account ID and password.

Once you sign in with a valid card number and PIN, the following are some of the available functions:

  • Check your SNAP or cash account balance information.
  • Review up to 15 months of transaction history.
  • Request a printed 2-month statement of your account history.
  • Change your PIN.
  • Report damaged, lost, or stolen cards, and request a replacement card be mailed to you.

For more information:

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